Sue Heintze

Since becoming a mom at 41, I’ve dedicated my life to one thing…

With over 20 years in the weight loss industry — and a former figure competitor — I’m honored to be seen as a top international female fat loss and body sculpting coach. That wasn’t always the case though…

All my teenage and adult life I had been a health and fitness fanatic. In all that time, however, I’d never been able to achieve the results I knew I was capable of.

I was a perfectionist – it was always all or nothing for me. There was no consistency, or patience, and therefore, I never achieved the results I craved. It wasn’t for lack of trying – I’d tried every diet in the book! I was always at the gym, and food was constantly on my mind. It took up so much of my headspace, that I often found it difficult to enjoy the other things life had to offer.

Over time, my effort and motivation dwindled… until I became totally depressed and unhappy with the way I looked, and the way I felt. Yet it wasn’t until I began to champion the 4 Body Shaping X-Factors we’ve been talking about today that I was able to turn my life (and figure) around.

Since becoming a mom at 41, I’ve dedicated my life to helping busy women and mom’s eager to take back control of their weight and shape a figure they can be proud of.

Every day I count my blessings for what is truly a remarkable opportunity to touch people’s lives in a way that will help them live a healthier and happier life. I receive daily emails from women experiencing the same issues I encountered – my own personal story is so familiar to their own.

It astounds me how many women of today have disordered eating patterns and body image problems. Seeing my clients progress from tired, unhappy, overweight and often self- loathing women, to strong, healthy, confident and beautiful individuals (inside and out!), gives me tremendous satisfaction that I will be forever grateful. To know that I have touched and can touch my clients’ lives in some small way is a remarkable feeling.