Attention: Every woman who longs to slip back into her favorite jeans

Drop A Jeans Size Without Exercise

Discover How Women Are Dropping a Full Jeans Size In Just 9 Days
Without Exercise or Extreme Dieting

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans that used to slip on like a well-worn glove, but that now resists going past your hips? Or maybe you just hate the feel of your “muffin top” spilling over when you do them up?

Or have you just given up on wearing jeans altogether? …in favor of more forgiving “comfy" or “fat” pants.

Then here’s the uncensored story of how an embarrassing “stretch pants” emergency allowed me to stumble on a method so simple that it’s now helping thousands of women fit back into their favorite jeans in only 9 days, without exercising…

A method saving women from the agonizing 15 minutes of tugging, hopping and wiggling around on the floor like a fish on dry land just to get your jeans up, zipped, and buttoned?

So if you’re looking to fit back into your favorite pair of jeans without starving yourself… without running yourself into the ground or even doing a lick of exercise… and without putting up a fight to force those babies on… then you need to read this page now…

The Real Reason Your Best Jeans Don’t Fit Anymore

Hi, I’m Sue Heintze. Being a super busy weight loss author and mom, stretch pants are convenient and easy… and frankly just a big part of the lifestyle.

Yet if you’re wearing them all the time (like I was) and not paying attention, you could be in for a rude awakening when you go to finally slip back on that favorite pair of jeans.

The moment when that expected smooth slide up over your hips is suddenly met with a squishy bulging roadblock is a real slap in the face.

Imagine tearing through your closet… with one pair of jeans after another ending up in a tossed heap on the floor.

Some pairs not pulling up past a certain spot — right below your thighs, and far from covering your rear end.

Other pairs you can manage to get up with more effort than you'd like to admit… your tummy barely squishing into them, ending in a fit WAY too snug to maintain any sense of normal breathing.

That was me, not that long ago.

Sitting on the edge of my bed, I was this mixed bag of anger, guilt and depression. All at once.

And that pile of jeans on my floor was my turning point.

Stretch pants would no longer be my crutch! Once I had that resolve and combined and refined all the nutrition tricks I already KNEW from my experience as a trainer and fitness competitor… I slipped back into my favorite jeans in 9 days flat.

I was so happy that I shared the exact plan with clients and they experienced the same shocking result — down a full jeans size in 9 days. Since then I’ve continued to refine and simplify the plan that has now helped hundreds of women enjoy the feel of slipping on their best jeans again!

Now the question is… if it’s so simple to drop a jeans size… why have you been frustrated when you’ve tried in the past?…

Why Extreme & Complicated Diets & Workouts Could
Make It Even Harder To Fit Back Into Your Jeans…

Did you know the usual extreme low calorie diets have been shown to make you feel depressed… increase your odds of pigging out when no one’s looking… and absolutely wreck your fat-burning metabolism in the long run?

And what about those extreme exercise and marathon workouts — like the kind you see on reality tv shows?…

You may be shocked to learn that these same types of ‘impossible’ workouts are the surest way to send your weight loss hormones haywire?

In fact, a study from in the European Journal of Applied Physiology reveals that when you perform intense cardio your body reacts to the stress by suppressing a very important hormone that is produced by your thyroid to burn fat. And instead, your body starts gaining and storing fat immediately.

So here’s the big thing you absolutely must understand if you’re really serious about trimming down your waistline once and for all…

Why You Must AVOID Exercise For the Next 9 Days to
Fit Into Your “Skinny" Jeans Again

No wonder most weight loss programs have failed you… they place unrealistic demands on you and ask you to change way too many things in your life all at once… literally overnight?

Listen: here’s a truth no one is talking about…

It’s something that happens to so many women in the first few weeks of a new weight loss program — and maybe you can relate…

All the calories you burn from that new exercise routine gets cancelled out by eating more… typically as a form of self-reward for a job well done in the gym… or as uncontrollable binges when nobody’s looking…

You justify a post-workout pastry or or a late night bowl of ice cream to fuel your “worked-up" appetite. And just like that your workouts undo any chance you have of losing the weight.

Well the good news is I don’t expect you to do any of that while you are on your way to slipping back into your favorite pair of jeans. You just don’t need it when you apply the CFC-Micro Method…

The Answer To Shrinking Your Belly, Trimming Your
Waist and Slimming Your Thighs In 9 Days While You
Enjoy Satisfying Foods Is In The CFC-Micro Method™

Most conventional weight loss programs approach fat loss by cutting a certain amount of calories (often times a drastic amount)… and then eating that amount every single day. And when your weight loss stalls on these programs, they demand you cut calories even more.

Yet did you know that starvation diets end up cannibalizing your muscles for fuel. You see, that’s a problem. Because your fat-burning metabolism is slows down a little bit with every ounce of muscle you lose!… and this causes your thyroid hormones to dip. And if you remember the study I cited above, that equals fat storage… instead of fat loss.

On top of that, hormones that help to control your hunger (such as ghrelin and leptin) get knocked out of sync… and your sensitivity to insulin takes a hit. All BAD NEWS for those favorite jeans.

However… the 9-Day Drop A Jean Size Diet is fueled by my Carb-Fat-Calorie Microcycle Method… or CFC-Micro for short. CFC-Micro tackles your weight loss differently.

This means you’ll enjoy strategically cycling your Carbs and Fats… which results in a natural cycling of your Calories without having to ever stress over counting them.

This energizes your fat-burning and prevent stall-outs… and keeps your metabolism running “hot” while you are on your way to burning stubborn fat stores around your butt, thighs, waist and belly.

So instead of creating a daily calorie deficit like popular weight loss programs force you to do … you instead experience varying days of calorie intakes, based upon the amount of extra healthy fats and good carbs you are going to enjoying each day.

In addition to accelerating fat loss, you’ll reap many other rewards such as:

  • Controlling Hunger Hormones — hormones like leptin and ghrelin are reset after calorie cycling like the type the CFC Microcycle System uses.

  • Improved Insulin Sensitivity — lower calorie days improve insulin sensitivity… which helps you reap the body shaping benefits of insulin on the days you increase your carb and calorie intake.

  • Mindset Boost — being able to eat higher calorie days chock full of good carbs and healthy fats keeps you feeling full and happy… which helps you keep your sanity and peace of mind.

Ultimately, this means you won’t be driving yourself mad, by starving yourself thin and eating a super low calorie diet every single day… or missing out on any of the flavor and comfort that comes from cutting out fat and carbs from your diet altogether.

You now know that leaning on a CFC Microcycle Method can be a more effective way to ease back into your skinny jeans than a conventional daily calorie deficit. And I’ll show you how to do it in a minute.

However, just know…

This Works For Any Woman, No Matter
How Young or Old You Are

I’ve been using these same weight loss methods to not only fit back into my favorite jeans, but even win figure competitions for decades, right into my 40s…

And they have now helped thousands of women around the world feel good in their own skin and clothes againand achieve the bodies they desire and deserve via my books and training programs — including 36 winners and 4 Grand Champions of Australia’s most prestigious national body-transformation contest.

Yet I didn’t come upon all of these secrets of weight loss without stumbling a number of times along the way. And I don’t want you to stumble. I want this to be as simple and easy as possible for you.

Sure, you could spend hundreds of dollars on books and programs to piece together a fat loss formula similar to the one I’m giving you today. And you could even spends hundreds of hours sifting through Google or pouring over research papers to find a few secrets of your own.

But, why would you waste your time? Time you could be spending actually losing weight … instead of spending it on sacrifice, trial and error figuring out how all on your own.

So it’s up to you: get the short, simple program I’ve created for you, or start rummaging around and hope you figure it out.

This system is already working for women of all ages around the world, without drastic modifications of any kind.

That’s because The Drop A Jean Size Diet is built on 3 types of eating days, strategically cycled throughout your 9 days to success.

This Simple 3-Day Cycle Keeps You Burning Calories
and Slimming Your Thighs & Butt—Without Hunger or
Feeling Overwhelmed

Let me tell you about these 3 days…

  • Nourish Day: Here your food choices and meals will focus on respecting your body’s need for gentle nutrients and easy digestion.

    Just as you would give your body some time relax and recover with light activity after a stressful day at work … so too does your digestive system need time to relax a bit after several days of eating bigger meals with more calorically dense foods.

    Your Nourish Day allows your metabolism to recharge so it can keep the fat-burning fires burning bright.

  • Fat Burn Day: With your fat burning metabolism primed and heated, you are now going to add some coals to the fire.

    This comes in the form of an added dose of foods containing smart, healthy fats — such as Omega-3 and Monounsaturated. These types of foods not only elevate your mood and suppress hunger cravings throughout the day … but also add a healthy dose of flavor and peace of mind to your meals.

  • Refuel Day: Here’s where you can really let loose… with carbs!

    Yet don’t think of it as cheating … because "cheating" eating the right carbs at the right time is actually going to make you leaner.

    On your Refuel day, I show you how to control your portion sizes and combine your high carb foods with quality proteins and the right kind of vegetables, eliminating your worry over enjoying tasty carbs and compromising your fat loss goals.

If You Try This Alone, Beware the Hunger, Exhaustion and
the Heaping Pile of Jeans That Still Don’t Fit…

I've seen people try and do it on their own without my “roadmap”, 9-Day Drop A Jean Size Diet.

Like my client Jessica, who struggled for several years after the birth of her first child to fit back into only pair of jeans that she ever liked, and that ever looked good on her.

She admitted she used to have a fully wearable wardrobe … but despite laboring through countless “popular” diets and impossible workouts she was now only able to wear about 20% of what was in her closet.

Adjusting how many calories you eat is not all there is to it. Women see how easy the CFC-Micro Method is, and some assume they can just do it by themselves, without the instructions and specifics that come in the Drop A Jean Size Diet program.

Yes. There are only 3 types of eating days in the system … yet the foods and meals you eat vary, and ABSOLUTELY MUST be done in a highly targeted, specific, and unique way in order to see the results you desire.

Warning: This Is Not For Everyone

Let me clarify something…

There are simply some women I absolutely don’t want to give a copy of my program to. And it all boils down to not wanting to waste your time or effort. So know this…

The Drop A Jean Size Diet is WRONG for you if:

  • You can’t stick to the plan for even 9 short days… And to be honest if you can’t stick to the simple step-by-step roadmap I’ve laid out for you, then I’m not sure anyone can help you.

  • You think, “I'm too overweight to do this.” Listen: you are NOT too overweight. Period! I've seen women with years of body image issues and stubborn fat that won’t budge succeed with this Method. If you have the desire to slim down, your weight won’t hold you back.

  • Or, you are just one of those women who will buy the program and then let it sit on your computer, just skim through it… or worse, never read it. Please, don't waste your money if that sounds like you. However, if that DOES sound like you, just realize that you are always going to struggle to stuff yourself into those jeans, you are always going to struggle to find comfortable, shapely clothes that fit, and you are always going to lack the sense of confidence and sex appeal that comes from wearing the kind of clothes that truly define the woman you are on the inside.

Remember: You Never Have To Cut Fats
and Tasty Carbs From Your Diet

You need simple, small changes to stop the constant cycle of false starts… to to put an end to yo-yo dieting…

That’s why I’ll never recommend cutting entire food groups… or telling you to fight your cravings and force yourself to choke back boring “diet” foods…

Listen: What I’m about to reveal to you right now will provide you with a no-nonsense, no-sweat plan to do just that.

In fact, it’s the same plan I used to conquer that heap of “old” jeans on my bedroom floor as quickly as possible and fix my "stretch pants crisis"…

One that didn’t force me to turn my life upside down … that didn’t require me to starve myself … and that didn’t require me to run myself into the ground. In fact, one that didn’t require any exercise at all.

And in just 9 short days … less than two weeks time … I was back to sliding into my skinny jeans with EASE.

And now I’m happy to say you can do the same…

The 9-Day Drop A Jeans Size Diet

Here’s everything you need to know:

9-Days To Success: Most people give up within the first two weeks of starting a program. Which is why I wanted to make sure you saw results in less time than that … as quickly as possible. Not only can you drop a jeans size in 9 days … but succeeding in such a short period of time will give you the motivation you need to keep going on your path to slimming down as much you desire and deserve…

Eat Your Way Down A Jean Size: This is all about simplicity and variety. The problem with starvation diets is that they leave you with no options other than missing out on life’s pleasures and going hungry. My simple CFC-Micro Method allows you to eat your way down a jean size without starving yourself … and while actually enjoying the things you eat. And yes … you will be eating fat and carbs!

No Exercise: The problem with most rapid weight loss programs is they ask you to do too many things all at once. Exercise can actually work against you at first. The more you ‘work up an appetite’ the more you are prone to hunger cravings… over-indulging, overeating, and putting back on all the calories you burned off (and then some!). And you want to avoid that. At all costs. Which is why there are NO exercise requirements for this program!

In addition, right from day 1 you will also discover:

  • Detailed meal plan templates for all 9 days… so you never have to guess what you should be eating (this roadmap will assure you’re staying on the straight and narrow).

  • The Jeans Diet approved foods list… you can print out and use as a shopping guide for your next trip to the grocery store (this will arm you will all of the flavor and nutrition you need to succeed over the next 9 days).

  • How to properly measure your waist, hips, thighs, belly and arms … so you can always be sure you are losing inches even when the scale might not budge (relying on the scale alone to measure your success is not only dangerous, but can trigger the type of mindset that knocks you off the weight loss wagon with no way to hop back on).

  • The one measurement that doctors now say is more telling than your BMI at predicting your chances of illness and disease (you’ll know exactly how to find out this measurement and your body type inside the manual)

Your 9-Day Drop A Jeans Size Diet Is Backed By My
No Sweat, No Risk Guarantee

Yep… since there’s absolutely zero exercise required in your Drop A Jean Size Diet, slimming down is literally no sweat. And I’m giving you a 60-day, no-questions-asked guarantee to back it up and make your decision to fit back into your skinny jeans totally risk free.

In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let me know and I’ll give you your money back. I obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease. You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

These Two Powerful Fat-Fighting Bonuses
Yours FREE!

Fat-Fighting Bonus #1

3-Day Fat Metabolism Supercharge:

Whether you are looking to reboot a stalled fat burning metabolism… or supercharge and recover from a short period of binging, splurging and over-indulging… your 3-Day Fat Metabolism Supercharge is all about getting back on track in the fastest time possible.


  • a set menu with options for each meal and snack… so you’re never left guessing at what to eat and when to eat it.

  • delicious recipes for all your main meals (don’t think you’ll be depriving yourself either… with recipes such as Citrus Quinoa Salad, Lemon Pepper Salmon Steak and Hearty Vegetable Soup, there's enough flavor here to satisfy even the biggest foodie's taste buds.)

  • recommended supplements to fine-tune your metabolism with the nutrients it needs to go from sluggish to supercharged.

Consider your 3-Day Fat Metabolism Supercharge your “reset button” to get your fat-burning metabolism back on track after some time away from your diet and workouts… or from an extended splurge, such as over the holidays or when on vacation.

Fat-Fighting Bonus #2

Fabulous Flat Belly Foods:

For those times when making big changes, and worrying over total meal makeovers is just too much to handle … here are 21 simple — but often over-looked — ingredients you can add to any meal to infuse it with more fat burning, tummy-shrinking power.

You can use these ingredients in one of two ways:

  • In Addition. Ingredients like herbs and spices can not only infuse some of the most boring meals with mouth watering flavor … but they can also help to cleanse your body of toxins … recharge stressed organs … and fire up your fat-burning metabolism.

  • In Substitution. Ingredients like fruits, veggies and healthy fats can take the place of refined sugars, sticky carbs and dirty oils. This will not only leave you feeling lighter and more energetic … but help to prevent the storage of bad calories and toxins as body fat.

These simple additions and substitutions will help to form the foundation that more complex and “involved” dietary and meal-plan changes are built on.

Maybe best of all, this report will make one heck of a healthy shopping list to take with you on your next trip to the grocery store!

Until recently the CFC-Micro methods were something I could only deliver through personal coaching that I would need to charge $125 an hour for. However I knew that would be unaffordable for most women, and that I’d be limited to helping only a handful of people.

So I decided to get everything systematized into the 9-Day Drop a Jeans Size Diet so I could get the regular price down to $39.

However this week is our 1-year anniversary! So if you promise to commit to the program for 9 days, and share your results with your friends… then for a very limited time — to celebrate the success so many women are experiencing this System — you have instant access for just $9.

I’m only making this offer for the first 1000 women who take action though. So click the button below that says “Yes! I want to drop a jeans size in 9 days!” to secure your discounted access today…

$39 $9

Yes! I want to drop a jeans size in 9 days!
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Yes! I want to drop a jeans size in 9 days!

Now Enjoy That Perfect Fit On Your
Sexy Curves!

There’s something special about a favorite pair of jeans, isn’t there?

Nothing beats the smooth feel of a fine-fitting pair of denim. It not only changes your mood … but changes the whole vibe you give off to those around you.

That style. That walk. That perfect fit. Love, love, love it…

And the reality is that we have ALL got at least one pair of jeans hiding in the dark corners of our closets … just waiting to come out of retirement.

Look, you could spend 2, 3, 5 times — even hundreds of dollars — more on new jeans than the cost of this program if you wanted to.

Yet I think we can both agree that there’s more to that perfect fit than the "cut of the brand".

I realize that sometimes you need super quick weight loss for a special event — or maybe you're simply tired of not fitting into your favorite jeans. That's why I created the Day Drop a Jeans Size Diet.

This is the safest and most efficient way to rapidly slim down your
thighs and butt to look great in your favorite jeans again.

Don't starve yourself and miss out on all of life’s pleasures.

Don't run yourself into the ground with excessive exercise and marathon workouts.

And don’t settle for clothes that don’t reflect the strong, sexy and glamorous woman you are on the inside.

Do you realize how short a period of time 9 days is?

I want you to a look at your calendar right now. And mark a big red smiley face on 9 days from today.

Because 9 Days is all it takes to start feeling fabulous in your jeans again!


Sue Heintze

P.S. Remember… if you’re serious to fit back into your favorite pair of jeans without starving yourself … without running yourself into the ground … and without putting up a fight to ease those suckers on … then as I mentioned in the 6th section of this page, this is the most sensible, risk-free step you can take today.

P.P.S. Results are guaranteed… 9 Days … 3 simple steps … absolutely zero exercise required … and my no sweat, no risk, money back guarantee. Just click the add-to-cart button below and you’ll get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to your Drop A Jean Size diet at the lowest price I’ve ever offered it … so you can start feeling fabulous right away!

Yes! I want to drop a jeans size in 9 days!
Copies Remaining At This Price: 252
Yes! I want to drop a jeans size in 9 days!