How Beyonce Lost 57 lbs After Pregnancy

Written by Adam Steer

By Lacy Arnold
B.S. Health Education
NASM CPT, PN Certified

Although Beyonce’s story is inspiring. This article is actually about how women just like you have lost their “baby-weight,” even after years of struggle.

I love sharing this video of Beyonce, because it’s such a visible example of what you can achieve. Yet I think we all understand that she had a few advantages that the rest of us can’t rely on.

Let’s watch it first. Get motivated. Then I’ll tell you how you can get the same results without the celebrity perks…

The two most important things Beyonce said in the video were…

  • She’s not naturally thin. And she has to work at it.
  • Be happy with beautiful things that make you you…

After helping thousands of mothers of all ages get their bodies back, I’ve discovered a few patterns.

One of the most destructive is telling yourself that “baby weight” is just part of motherhood. And that the only women who lose it are “genetically gifted.” Yet Beyonce admits to not being naturally thin. And we all need to be willing to work at reclaiming our physiques.

However, don’t look to lingerie models as your goal. As Beyonce says, embrace the things about yourself that make you unique. You don’t need to measure yourself against a photoshopped Victoria Secret model to feel beautiful.

And in this article I’m going to share a couple real life case studies from my LeanMoms system that prove it.

First, I need to finish sharing my story. In my previous article, I told you about my own struggle to lose 63 lbs of baby weight. And I gave the first secret to unlocking trapped fat cells in a mother’s body.


Today, you’ll discover the next key.

Without this secret, I would never have stepped foot on stage for my bikini competition!…

You see, after weighing in at 203 lbs, and sobbing myself into a big ball on the bathroom floor for hours . . . something clicked.

I hadn’t let my body hold me back from the babies I wanted . . .

I wasn’t going to let it hold me back from the life I wanted either!

I wanted to be energetic … slim and strong … even sexy again. I wanted to wear a bikini, dang it!

I did NOT blame my girls for turning me into a 203lb balloon—no more than you’d blame your kids for it.

But I wasn’t going to stand for it anymore. I was going to change, no matter what it took.

That’s when I did something totally insane . . .

I entered a bikini competition.

If that wasn’t a drop-dead deadline, then I don’t know what was … There was no way I was going to get up in front of hundreds of people, strut around in 5 inch heels and a seriously tiny suit, looking like I was!

My registration went through, I paid the fee, and that was that. Not only did I have to lose those ridiculous 63 pounds … I had to look better than I did before pregnancy.

That meant losing nearly 80 pounds of fat and getting beach-sexy toned.

Yet no matter how hard I worked out, or disciplined my diet was, I wasn’t making progress… UNTIL if figured out how important hormones were for mother’s bodies when it came to losing weight, creating energy, and controlling cravings.

You must balance your hormones if you want any chance of losing your baby weight.

However, pregnancy, birth, menopause … and even “little things” like eating so called “healthy” cereal for breakfast … can make your hormones go haywire.

And in a minute I’ll share the most important nutrition tip you need to do as a mother to start rebalancing your hormones. You may be surprised, and even shocked at the irresponsible way the fitness industry has been telling you to do the opposite!

In fact, most of the women I’ve coached have been outraged when they learn the truth…

LeanMoms Case Study #1: Sheena Daniels, Mother of 2


Sheena started using my LeanMoms system when her youngest was one and a half years old. With two full-term pregnancies, emotional miscarriages, surgeries, and more, her body had gone through a lot. She was committed to getting her body back. Yet despite her best efforts, the wrong foods at the wrong times were making her post-pregnancy hormonal imbalances even worse and keeping her from the body she desired.

However, once she made some simple switches to her diet, and started using the easy-to-prepare meals and snacks I’ve created for busy moms, the weight started falling off. Not only that, but the food was so good that her husband and kids enjoy it too. In fact, her husband is even looking more trim and fit because of it.

LeanMoms Case Study #2: Tracy Roberts


Tracy is a mother of three. She started using my LeanMoms system when her youngest was 5.

Despite battling for 5 years to lose her baby weight, and suffering from major back surgery, she was committed to making a change. Yet no matter how much she exercised — and she exercised a lot — she never got the results she really deserved.

You see, she was spending 3 times as long as she had to every week, doing the wrong types of exercise. She was actually reinforcing her hormonal imbalances with her exercise choices and getting nowhere.

Once she figured this out and started using my simple and time-efficient resistance training principles, her body transformed almost before her eyes.

Now, how can you get started today?

My #1 Diet Tip For Resetting Your Fat-Burning Hormones

I have a lot to share with you when it comes to getting your hormones working for you, instead of against you. Yet I’d like to start with the one nutrition tip that’s most important for 99% of mothers.

You see, you’ve been tricked into thinking fat is bad for you. That it makes you fat. That it’s bad for your health.

Yet nutritional research has shown eating healthy fat is far more effective for weight loss than low fat diets.

Even though your mind lives in the modern world, your body still has basic, primal, evolutionary beliefs: if you don’t eat fat, it needs to store it for energy.

A low fat diet actually makes your body hold tighter to your bulges, because it believes there’s no fat available for energy. So dig in and enjoy the right healthy, tasty fats I’ll tell you about in my simple three-part system on Friday!

Until then, be happy with beautiful things that make you you…

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