One Female Weight Loss Strategy Male Trainers Will Never Understand

Written by Adam Steer

Have you ever noticed that most of the popular workout and diet programs are made by MEN?

Maybe you’ve never stopped to wonder… But male-designed programs can actually be a big problem for us women

Did you know…


  • That during certain parts of your menstrual cycle you actually need to EAT MORE to sculpt the body you want?
  • You should actually EXERCISE LESS during part of your cycle?
  • That your fat cells ONLY release fat when a specific type of “receptor” is active? And that you have a 15 day window in your cycle to take advantage of it for extra fat loss?…

When you fail to synchronize your weight loss with your unique hormonal cycles, you set yourself up for cravings, stubborn trouble spot fat, hormone levels that slow or stop your fat loss, and lifelong frustration with your body.

Maybe you’ve felt like this before…

You starve yourself and spend hours every week on your favorite cardio machine or exercise class only to lose a couple pounds. Meanwhile, you’re significant other has one less Bud Light per week and loses 10 lbs in the same amount of time! (Major frustration!)

If you’ve ever felt that way, it’s not your fault. And you’re not alone. Millions of savvy women around the world have been fooled by generic programs designed by men — programs that fail to use your unique hormonal advantage…

Why Your Hormonal Swings Actually Give You An Unfair Weight Loss Advantage!

It’s time to stop fighting the natural rhythm of your hormones and actually use them to your advantage. No more starving yourself day in and day out with no results!

You see, there are two types of receptors in your fat cells that either speed fat loss or slow it down:

  • The type that speeds fat loss and gets you back to your sexy self faster is called beta-receptors.
  • The type that slows fat loss, laughs at your hard work, and keeps you fat is called alpha-receptors.


The stingy alpha-receptors are more active when estrogen is higher, and estrogen is higher from about day 10 to 25 in a typical menstrual cycle (day 1 is when your period starts). That means that it’s harder for your cells to get rid of stored fat during that time.

During day 10-25, you want to eat less so you don’t gain fat. You also want to exercise less so you’re not starving yourself by burning through the food you’re eating and then feeling exhausted because your alpha-receptors don’t want to release fat you can use for energy.

Your Ideal Female Fat-Burning Window

When estrogen is lower, from day 26 to day 9 of the next cycle, your beta-receptors will have a better chance of releasing fat. That makes it easier to lose fat and see faster results for your effort.

During this time, you want to exercise more because your beta-receptors will be primed to let you burn off fat. You also want to eat a little more because your body will be using more of the calories for energy and rebuilding instead of packing it on your hips, tummy, and behind.

Feel free to really increase the intensity of your workouts. Lift weights, do sprints (or other high intensity work), and work your muscles until you feel the burn.  Not only will that melt away your fat, it’ll give you a sexy shape.

And…and this part is so awesome…having a little extra muscle means you’ll burn more calories even during your eat less / exercise less phase!

Cycling your food and exercise this way optimizes your fat loss, helps prevent plateaus, and makes it easier for all of your hormones to work together toward your fat loss goals.

It will also help you with any craving you might have by allowing you to eat more during the times when most women crave. Make sure that when you’re eating more, you’re eating more veggies and protein — not more junk — you can’t out-exercise a junk food diet.

I know a few of you will comment that your biggest craving phase happens between day 14-21. Typically that means your progesterone is low. Sometimes all it takes to correct that is about three months of eating high-nutrient food for all but one meal each week. Sometimes you’ll have to see your doctor. Either way, it’s a sign that there’s some imbalance in your hormonal cycle.

Alright, let’s recap.

Starting TODAY:

Turn your hormonal cycle to your advantage by avoiding the challenges and maximizing the advantages

  • Eat more and exercise more during days 26 through 9 of your next cycle
  • Eat less and exercise less days 10 through 25 of your cycle

How many male trainers do you think would understand that a simple adjustment can literally make your diet twice as easy while boosting your fat loss results?


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