Benefits Of Pull Ups For Women — Build A Beautiful Upper Back & A Tapered Waist

Written by Adam Steer

Flavia’s guest video on push ups for girls was a huge hit. So this week our women’s fitness expert is back with her take on the benefits of pull ups for women. She also discusses how to do both chin ups and pull ups properly. If you can’t pull yourself up to the bar yet, you might want to check out our post on assisted pull ups.

Perhaps the nicest fringe benefit of pull ups for women is how smashing you’ll look in an open backed evening gown. Pull up movements do a great job of toning and building the muscles of the upper back and rear part of the shoulders. Don’t worry, you won’t get “bulky.” But you will build a beautiful shape that guys will drool over when you let your upper back show. (we speak from experience… :))

The other selling point for including pull ups in your training is the nice tapered effect you’ll get. By toning the lats, you’ll make the waist look smaller. This creates beautiful lines and a very proportionate physique that’ll look great in tighter cloths or in your swimsuit.

But enough talk, let’s hear what Flavia has to say…

Wow, see what I mean. Flavia’s upper back development is phenomenal. And you can imagine what she’d look like in open backed evening attire. ¡Ay, caramba!

In the video, Flavia demonstrated both chin ups and pull ups. Chin ups are done with your palms facing you and involve the biceps muscles to a greater degree, making it an easier option to start with. Pull ups are done with the palms facing away, isolating the back muscles to a greater extent and making it a more challenging option.

But as Flavia pointed out, you can use assistance from a training parter to help get you started. Simply have your partner cup their hands under the tops of your feet and press into your partners hand as much as needed as you pull the bar towards your upper chest. You can also do [band assisted pull ups].

Finally, here are a few extra cues that may help…
  • Think of pulling the bar DOWN towards your upper chest
  • Imagine driving your elbows down towards the ground
  • Keep your abs and butt tight throughout the movement
  • Exhale throughout the pulling portion of the exercise

So gals, if you’d like to create a sleek looking midsection and an upper back to drool over, start incorporating both pull ups and chin ups into your routine. If you have any questions for Flavia, drop them into the comments. Also, if you have your own pull up tricks for women, share those too. Look forward to hearing from you!

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